Why Are my Teeth and Gums Itchy?

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Why Are my Teeth and Gums Itchy
Why Are my Teeth and Gums Itchy
Though itchy gums and teeth can be uncomfortable, it’s not usually something worthy of alarm. That said, there are cases when the underlying cause requires treatment, so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your dentist if you’re experiencing itchiness. In all cases, bleeding gums or pain are a sure sign that a dental assessment is required to avoid more severe problems. Following are the most common reasons teeth and gums feel itchy.

Plaque buildup

Plaque, a sticky film that forms in your mouth, can cause itchiness if it’s allowed to accrue. The itch happens because plaque houses bacteria that can irritate your gums. Luckily, dental itchiness caused by plaque buildup can easily be avoided if you practice good oral hygiene habits. This includes brushing and flossing daily and visiting your dentist for checkups and cleanings twice a year.


In the early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, the gums tend to become red, swollen, sensitive and may even bleed. Though uncommon, the condition can also make your gums itch. If you have gingivitis, your dentist will be able to provide you with the appropriate treatment to ensure the disease is controlled or eliminated.


In some cases, an itchy sensation in your mouth is the result of minor damage to a tooth or the gums around a particular tooth. It’s not the injury itself that causes the itchiness, but the healing of the wound. In this case, the itchiness will usually go away on its own. However, if it persists, it’s a good idea to get your dentist to take a look and make sure nothing is amiss.


You probably already know that hay fever can make your eyes and nose itch. However, it can also have an effect on your gums. Similarly, eating something you’re allergic to can cause inflammation in your gums, making them itchy. In the case of an allergic reaction, antihistamines will usually alleviate itching; however, more serious reactions may need emergency intervention.

Hormone shifts

The changes in hormone levels experienced by women throughout their lifetimes can have a significant effect on their gums. In addition to causing pain, sensitivity and bleeding, hormonal fluctuation can result in itchy gums. If you experience itchy teeth or gums during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation or menopause, know that it may just be your hormones at play.

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