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Effective treatment for healthier, more comfortable jaws
You might have pain or a ‘clicking’ noise in your jaw. 
These symptoms appear when the joints of your jaw and your chewing muscles don’t work together like they should.
Your jaws each have a disc made of cartilage. These discs function as the “cushion” of the jaw joint. Injuries to the disc or strain to the muscles from various sources (like grinding, clenching, accidents, or misaligned bite) can lead to TMJ or TMD disorder.
Some types of TMJ can lead to more serious conditions, so early detection is important. Good news: these problems are more easily diagnosed and treated than in the past.

Take the TMJ Test

  • Does your jaw pop, click, grate, or lock when you open your mouth?
  • Is it painful to eat or yawn?
  • Is the pain worse when you bite down hard?
  • Do you wake up with stiff, sore jaw muscles?
  • Do you have frequent headaches? Neck aches?
  • Do you have pain in your neck, shoulders, ears or jaw joints?
  • Do some of your teeth not touch when you bite?
  • Is it hard for your front teeth to bite food?
  • Do you have trouble hearing?
  • Do you have ringing in your ears?
The more times you answered ‘yes’, the more likely it is you have TMJ.
TMJ Treatment Therapy

TMJ Pain can Become Very Severe and Difficult to Cope With

Our professional dentists can examine your jaw, discover what’s causing your discomfort, and create a treatment plan based on your unique needs.

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