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Are you ready for a smile check-up? At Parkland Mall Dental, we make dental check-ups in Red Deer easy and fun. It’s like a mini-adventure for your teeth. During your visit, our super-friendly team will thoroughly clean for any sneaky cavities or problems.
We’ll also show you the best way to brush and floss so you can keep your smile sparkling between visits. Plus, we’ll answer any questions about taking care of your teeth. With regular check-ups at Parkland Mall Dental, you’ll keep your smile shining bright and healthy. Don’t wait; book your check-up today, and let’s keep those teeth happy.

Dental Checkup at Our Clinic

  • Safety First Sterilized equipment, enhanced PPE, and thorough cleaning.
  • Technology BoostIntraoral cameras. 3D X-Rays. You’ll be able to see what we’re talking about.
  • Oral Cancer Screening Completely painless peace of mind. Better yet, free.

Our goal is to prevent problems instead of just fixing them.

You’re Number One

We work with you to provide dental care at a pace and price you can afford. We never recommend care you don’t need.

Why Get a Dental Checkup?

A good dental care routine and regular check-ups will keep your mouth healthy and prevent inflammation, infection, decay, and tooth loss.

Dental exams give us an opportunity to evaluate your current dental care habits and offer suggestions to protect you from cavities and gum disease. They also allow us to detect more serious problems early so they can be fixed quickly, easily, and at least expense.

We’re always happy to check with your insurer and provide written quotes to ensure your dental care is transparent and as affordable as possible.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

We take several steps to ensure good oral health and hygiene for you. In many cases, a teeth cleaning is completed at the same time as your dental exam.
  1. Thorough Inspection During your detailed examination, we inspect your teeth and gums for any signs or symptoms indicating deficiencies in your oral health and overall well-being. Some things we check for include:
    • damaged or decayed teeth
    • cavities
    • signs of gum disease
    • position and spacing of your teeth
    • signs of oral cancer
    • … and more

    Your dental exam will also include x-rays to help identify hidden or underlying issues.

    It’s important you aid us in this process by telling us about any existing medical conditions and pain or changes in your teeth and gums.

  2. Clear Diagnosis We explain any potential problems or concerns found during your exam. We do our best to make sure you’re thoroughly informed, and we explain any problems or diseases. On screen, you’ll be able to see x-rays and photographs taken by our intra oral camera, so you can see what we’re talking about.
  3. Realistic Treatment Plan If you have any condition requiring treatment, we work with you to create a treatment plan that fits with your budget. We direct bill insurance providers when possible or we can refer you DentalCard for financing.

    We also discuss your next steps toward maintaining good oral health. With your permission, we help set up an appropriate schedule for check-ups and cleanings to keep your smile in tip-top shape.

How Often Should I Make Dental Visits?

Regular dental checkups are important to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Initially, we recommend a checkup every 6 months; once we get to know your oral health, we customize your visit frequency to your specific needs. That way, we can catch problems early, and start treatment before they worsen.

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache or have an injury to your teeth, call our Red Deer Dental Centre at (403) 342-1118 for emergency dental services.

Want to Take Great Care of Your Smile?

Let our Red Deer Dentists help you with a plan of action.

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