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At Parkland Mall Dental, we’ve got your smile protected—even on the playing field. Sports mouthguards are like shields for your teeth, keeping them safe while you play your favourite sports. Whether you’re dribbling on the basketball court or hitting home runs on the baseball diamond, our custom-made mouthguards will keep your teeth strong and secure. 
Plus, they come in cool colours and designs, so you can show off your style while staying safe. Say goodbye to worries about getting hit in the mouth and hello to fearless fun with sports mouthguards at Parkland Mall Dental. Don’t wait until game day; book your appointment today and let’s gear up for a winning smile.

The Importance of Sports Mouthguards

  • Protect yourself
    Prevent cuts, bruises, and fractures.
  • Cushion your teethAvoid tooth fractures, chips and dislocations.
  • Prevent ConcussionDiffuse impact between upper and lower teeth to protect your brain.

Why are Sports Mouthguards Important?

A mouthguard is a ‘crash helmet’ for your teeth and jaws that can keep you safer while you’re having fun.

We frequently see trauma and emergencies that could have been prevented. With a custom athletic mouth guard you could avoid these life-altering dental injuries:

  • chipped teeth
  • fractured crowns or bridgework
  • cuts to lips and cheeks
  • fractured jaws
  • root damage to teeth
  • concussions

Why Get a Custom Mouthguard?

Better fit means better protection.

Custom athletic mouthguards are comfortable to wear. They’re designed just for you so they’re easy to put in and take out. They stay securely on your teeth.

That means they provide more protection than over-the-counter or boil-and-bite mouthguards.

The more comfortable your mouthguard the more likely you are to wear it. And you can wear it with confidence, knowing you have optimum protection.

How Often Should Mouthguards be Replaced?

Sports guards become less effective when they lose thickness. So, if you find signs of wear and tear on yours, it’s probably time to replace it. When in doubt, it’s probably best to replace it.

Our Red Deer dentists also recommend replacing your children’s mouthguards regularly, to accommodate their rapid growth.

How To Care for My New Mouth Guard?

  • After use, rinse your mouthguard with cold water and air-dry. You can clean it with mild soap and water occasionally.
  • Store it in a plastic container when not in use to prevent damage from heat or cold.
  • Do not chew or alter your mouthguard.
  • Let us know if you notice any signs of wear or cracks that may weaken it.

Choose a Custom Sports Mouthguard Made Right in Red Deer

Please contact us today at Parkland Mall Dental Centre.

We’ll help you enjoy sports without damaging your teeth.