What’s the Secret to Healthy Teeth and Gums?

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Secret to Healthy Teeth and Gums
Secret to Healthy Teeth and Gums

Looking for the ultimate guide to good dental health? Check out these top 5 tips from our dedicated team of family dentists in Red Deer!

Maintaining good dental health is not something to be taken lightly or compromised on. By failing to follow a simple but diligent routine, you put yourself at risk of problems such as gum disease and tooth decay, which can have serious long-term effects. In the short-term as well, you can suffer from plaque build-up, tartar, staining of teeth, bleeding gums, and bad breath.

Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums

For new patients in Red Deer and the surrounding area, you want useful advice and treatment by a family dentist who provides continuing care for the whole family. To help you, our team at Parkland Mall Dental has compiled this list of the top 5 ways to keep your dental health at its best:

1.Good Diet: Like your overall health, healthy gums and teeth start with a good diet. While all the usual advice about brushing and cleaning is important, if you still eat lots of sugar or unhealthy foods, you may still have oral health problems, regardless of how well you brush.

2.Switch to Electric: If you haven’t already been told, electric toothbrushes can be superior to manual in almost every way. Short of having a dental hygienist clean your teeth twice a day, this is the best way to guarantee the most thorough brushing possible. It’s important to keep in mind that you should never brush too hard as it erodes the enamel on your teeth. When using an electric toothbrush, let the device do the job; you only need to direct it, not move it around vigorously.

3.Floss Daily: Flossing once a day is an important component of any oral cleaning routine because it removes plaque and food particle build-up which even an electric toothbrush may not be able to reach. In addition to that, flossing helps promote strong, healthy gums and prevents gum disease.

4.Prevent Wear: Teeth grinding in your sleep can have a significant impact on your oral health over time if it is left unaddressed. Tooth wear from grinding erodes the enamel and leaves the teeth more vulnerable to damage. By identifying the problem early and following dentist-recommended solutions, such as a night guard, you can avoid oral health problems, as well as headaches and sore jaws.

5.See Your Dentist: There really is no better way to ensure that you are maintaining healthy teeth and gums than scheduling regular appointments with your dentist or oral hygienist for checkups and cleanings.

At Parkland Mall Dental, we offer professional preventive dentistry services to help keep your teeth and gums not only healthy but looking beautiful. We serve our patients in Red Deer and the surrounding area with flexible office hours to suit your schedule.

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