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Nightguards in Red Deer

Avoid the damage caused by grinding your teeth while you sleep

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Protect your smile

Stop grinding and prevent damage to your teeth

Get a healthy sleep

Relax the muscles in your mouth and neck and sleep better

Avoid tension and pain

Avoid related muscle fatigue, neck pain, jaw aches, earaches, and headaches

Grinding wears away your teeth

Your teeth have layers that grinding destroys bit by bit. The outside layer is enamel. It is “the hardest substance in the body.” If you grind through this, it's a problem. Under your enamel is dentin. Since dentin is considerably weaker than enamel, grinding wears it away even faster.

There's no way to consciously stop grinding.

Grinding damages multiple teeth

Grinding usually takes a sliding motion that wears down many of your teeth at once.

There's a point of no return when it comes to wearing

At a certain point, the damage gets serious. You'll need crowns to save your teeth.

There is a solution

Your best defense is a night guard, a custom-molded protector you wear when you sleep.

It's simple, it's inexpensive, and it works.

Think You Might Be A Grinder?

Book an exam with one of our dentists in Red Deer.

We'll check for abnormal signs of wear and possibly help you on your way to a good night's sleep.


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